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Getting married is one of the most wonderful things you will do in your life. Putting how you feel on your wedding day into words is impossible - but it can be achieved with pictures. This is my skill; capturing the emotion, the journey, your story. Wedding photography really is an investment for life and for future generations to look back on. I feel it is so important to capture the day perfectly, and preserve forever.

You write the script. My focus is then upon documenting your story beautifully, through observation, not orchestration, with attention paid to every detail. I believe a wedding should be photographed sympathetically and subtly. A quiet observer, blending into the background, telling the story from start to finish - and when I say the finish, that means capturing every element of your day, right till the end, if you wish.


Every good wedding photography should be about being able to repeat a certain style of image at every wedding. Hiring a good photographer, you should have a pretty good idea that your own wedding images will have the same look. Of course they won’t be the same images, I don’t pose or copy previous images, but they should be in the same overall style of beautiful black and white’s and bright colourful images. My speciality really is colour that pops, not via the use of photoshop filters, but real colour from the day.

Here is a short gallery of some taster images.  There is a substantial slide show on the Home page at the bottom of the page and I have also included some images from a few weddings, to give you a flavour - you can see these on the 'Your Weddings' page.

The Children

The Guests

The Groomsmen

The Wedding

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